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Why Did The Chickens Cross The Road 2 (2021)

Audio Description

Ian Hazzard
Lino Print
92cm x 92cm


Artists Notes

I’ve been doing “Autistic Chicken” linocuts for a long time, putting the chicken in a variety of situations, usually to comment on current events or pop culture. She normally wears noise cancelling headphones to be able to survive in a confronting world. In 2021, the Autistic Chicken and three of her friends are crossing the road to get their Covid Vaccination. The work is in two parts, not a diptych as such but connected all the same. The first work is based on Abbey Road but reversed because the world seems upside down and back to front to a lot of people. The second piece is Doctor Chicken, Covid vaccine under wing, about to vaccinate Autistic Chicken and her friends.

Don’t be a chicken. Get vaccinated.

Curators notes