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Why Did The Chickens Cross The Road (2021)
Doctor Chicken (2021)

Audio Description

Ian Hazzard
1/1 Lino Prints (unframed)
19.3 x 22 cm
18.8 x 17.8 cm
$250 the pair


Artists Notes

I’ve been doing “Autistic Chicken” linocuts for a long time, putting the chicken in a variety of situations, usually to comment on current events or pop culture. She normally wears noise cancelling headphones to be able to survive in a confronting world. In 2021, the Autistic Chicken and three of her friends are crossing the road to get their Covid Vaccination. The work is in two parts, not a diptych as such but connected all the same. The first work is based on Abbey Road but reversed because the world seems upside down and back to front to a lot of people. The second piece is Doctor Chicken, Covid vaccine under wing, about to vaccinate Autistic Chicken and her friends.

Don’t be a chicken. Get vaccinated.

Curators notes

‘Why Did The Chickens Cross The Road’  by Ian Hazzard instantly makes me think of the iconic Beatles album cover Abbey Road. Juxtapose this with the perennial joke “Why did the chicken cross the road?” and we ask ourselves why the album reference was used? Iconic. Familiar. The road leads into the distance, to our future, to endless possibilities. The medical clinic is across the road, and the chickens are lined up, just like the 3 hour lines we’ve been experiencing at the vaccination clinics. Why did the chickens cross the road? To get vaccinated of course!


Why Did The Chickens Cross The Road 2′ by Ian Hazzard is the second of this diptych. Another graphic piece with high contrast, reminding me of comics or manga. Or even icons, where the visual language is simplified to instantly communicate a strong, impactful message. The use of linocut printing imbues a scratchy line with a lot of negative space. This makes us focus on the subject, What is on the subjects head? It looks like they are wearing a mask and carrying a vaccination needle. The chicken looks happy and proud. Doing their civic duty and staying safe at the same time.