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Wheelchair Girl (2021)

Audio Description

Watercolour on Paper
Limited Edition Print Run of 10
A2 on Archival Paper


Curator’s Notes

‘Wheelchair Girl’ by Asphyxia is the third in this series. Finally we see an image of the supposed author of the book of horizontal. She looks boldly at the viewer behind her. The rebellious elements are clear, the message, confronting.

 The choice of watercolour contributes to the emotion of the image, adding a softening effect and adding a sense of melancholy and longing. There is hope in the art. We see the subject from behind, we are the passive onlooker, while she the active protagonist. Her expression hints at hope and fortitude, her clenched fist at determination. The pallete is soft, yet the intentional dribbles, scribbles and spatter underline the theme of experience expired.