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Self Portrait (2021)

Audio Description

Jessica Phippen
Hand raised and repoussé copper
9cm x 8cm approx


Curator’s Notes

‘Self Portrait’ by Jessica Phippen is mysteriously evocative. Copper is in our blood. It helps make melanin, bone and connective tissue. An abstracted self portrait as vessel/sculpture in copper feels visceral, yet so subtle as to make it more a question than an answer. A portrait is supposed to confide, to divulge – yet this one conceals almost as much as it reveals. Is the artist a mountain? A cup? A rippled rock lightly touched in verdigris and texturing? It is a piece that makes you want to hold it. To explore the light reflected highlights and the indentations with more senses than just one. Are we mountains? Are we vessels? Who are we? The eternal question.