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Portal: Resilience, Recovery, Revolution (2021)

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Digital Art


Curator’s Notes

‘Portal: Resilience, Recovery, Revolution’ by M. Sunflower is an abstract affirmation of wishes. At first glace it looks like a hippy’s rainbow mandala, but on further inspection it is richly detailed layers of marbled organic water patterns. Cells, wrinkles, ripples, splats, all circling a negative space centre that is almost the opposite of a black hole. A light at the end of the tunnel perhaps? A drain sucking down the chaotic rainbow of eaten away, decaying colours? An almost cellular look, like microscope slides. The title speaks to hope, which is reflected in the rich use of colour. The repetition both in visual flow and in title alliteration speak almost of ritual, of routine. Of normal, human, societal things, bringing us back to a place of comfort. We have been destabilised, as all history must to change. But through repeated efforts, through nurtured growth, we will be resilient. We will recover. We can achieve revolution.