Wart is reoresented by Rogue Pop Up Gallery
130 Regent street

It’s a Double Act (2021)

Audio Description

Acrylic and oil stick
Archival paper
34 x 41cm


Curator’s Notes

‘It’s a Double Act’ by Wart is luscious in its colour and use of brushstrokes. At first glance I didn’t even notice that it was a humanoid figure, holding what might appear like a syringe indicating a vaccination dose. The eye is drawn joyfully from warm pinks and peaches to neutral warm grays and etched-into teals. And then, all at once, the painting transforms from an abstract to a figurative. Who is the double act? I interpret it as the double dose of vaccination jabs we are all slowly receiving. But could it be the push and pull between human and science? Patient and doctor? Intruder and blood cell? Perhaps it is even the diptych of paintings