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Hare (2021)

Audio Description

Robert Duffield
Digital Image

Metal dye sublimation print an edition of 4
55 x 58cms

Curator’s Notes

‘Hare’ by Robert Duffield is even more heart-wrenching. The lovable bunny we all wished to cuddle as a child. Deceased. All of our pets, passed away. We all know that never ending pain.

 The fur is matted, the paws unclean. Bodily care and grooming also stop in the absence of life processes. We as people with disabilities, also know this pain.

 The rough removal of the background reflects the disheveled state of the corpse. The lifeless eye underlines the finality of the work, encouraging us to confront mortality. The same confrontation the 4.19million Covid deaths worldwide have exposed. Which makes us think of life. What we want ours to be. If we are the ones who remain, how do we make this world better? How do we stop this visceral suffering, and ease all of this pain?