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Crow (2021)

Audio Description

Robert Duffield
Digital Image

Metal dye sublimation print an edition of 4
30 x 47cms



Curator’s Notes

Crowby Robert Duffield is an intensely emotional piece. It confronts the viewer with the visceral notion of death, by literally confronting us with the dead body of a beautiful bird. The undulating lines around the Crow almost evoke the notion of soul, or disembodied spirit, while the flat surface of the bird against glass, evokes the memory of roadkill, and the intrinsic sorrow the knowledge that our human intervention into the natural world inevitably leads to environmental destruction of flora and fauna. The claws, especially heart-wrenching, almost reaching out in death to warn us. The lines of feathers leading our eyes down, down towards total blackness. There is beauty in nature. Even in sorrow. The circle of life continues.