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2021.1 (2021)

Audio Description

Jeremy Hawkes
Mixed Media on Paper

 84cm x 59cm

$600 (SOLD)
sold red dot



Curator’s Notes

2021.1′ by Jeremy Hawkes is deceptively simple at first glance, but teems with complexity the more time you spend with it. The warm toned teardrop shape leaps off the page in yellows, pinks and oranges that contain vast amounts of detail in shadow, depth of colour, and texture in its patterned scaling. It is almost contained in black, and surrounded by negative space. Is it a glimpse through a window to another world, or a 3d outcrop into ours? The upside down of the teardrop almost reminds me of a head, urging my thoughts into questioning if these drippy points are thoughts cascading inside the artists mind. Warm thoughts of a happier 2021. But could it be a drop of vaccination liquid, warm as it enters our bloodstream?