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2020 (2021)

Audio Description

Clover Pallier
Acrylic on Canvas
82cm x 41cm


Artist’s Notes

In 2020 a lot of us battled with mental health and the struggles of lockdown and social isolation with the COVID-19 pandemic.

During this time many people were not able to seek or get the help needed with mental health issues such as depression and suicidal thoughts.

In my paintings I tried to capture what life might have felt like for people who went through that struggle as well as mine, trying to capture the feelings and emotions of darkness in the first canvas “2020”.

And the change and hope that a new year of less fear and isolation brings “2021”

Clover Pallier
May, 2021

Curator’s Notes

‘2020’ by Clover Pallier is a stormy ocean for me. I resonate with the tiny boats I can see on the ocean, being tossed by the winds of these past two years. The dark colours evoke trepidation, and expressive use of brushstrokes, the chaotic adjustments we’ve all been forced to make at every turn. For artists with disabilities, these adjustments can only be so much harder to deal with due to all the extra hurdles and pains we endure already. Routine is vital for so many. This to me is the abstracted landscape of 2020 – a dark and stormy year.